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Confluent has several machines with larger working areas capable of larger projects and thicker materials. These machines may have been modified to better suit our needs so the specs listed below are of our machines, and may not exactly match those of the machine as built by the manufacturer. We are currently in process of making these available for use by members, which will take a bit of time. However we're doing our best and hope to have them all available.

ESAB Signmate 1000 Thermwood Cartestian 5
Model C50
Synrad 60-2
Type Router/Plotter Router Laser Cutter
Build Area 84″ x 180″ (7″ x 15″) 52″ x 100″ (~4.3″ x ~8.3″) 50″ x 100″ (~4.2″ x ~8.3″)
Max Material
?? 5″ (127mm) ??
Tooling Plasma cutter Routing spindle Routing spindle
Software ?? VCarve + Mach3 ??
Available yes (when warm outside) yes

Model names are for general reference only, as they have been modified to suit the needs of Confluent and may not be 100% original hardware.


Anyone who wants to use any of the our large format machines must be trained. Training is held by appointment at the moment. Drop us a line by email or through Facebook to schedule training. Training covers safety, how to use the software, and procedures when using the machines. It does not cover how to design useful files suitable for use with the machines. Look for other classes on our calendar to cover that.

Usage & Reservations

Due to power and software requirements, only one large format machine can currently be used at a time. If one is in use, you will need to wait until any jobs on it are finished to start a new job even if it's on a different machine.

We hope to get these up on our Confluent status page in the future.