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We have three 3D printers: one OpenBeam Kossel Pro and two Monoprice Select printers. The following specs were borrowed from MatterHackers and Monoprice.

OpenBeam Kossel Pro Monoprice Select
Build Area 250mm (~9.8″) diameter 200mm x 200mm (~7.8″ x ~7.8″)
Build Height 250mm (~9.8″) 180mm (~7″)
Filament Diameter 1.75mm 1.75mm
Resolution .2mm .2mm
Max Extruder Temp 300°C / 572°F* 260°C / 500°F
Heated Bed yes yes
Software Cura + Octoprint Cura + Octoprint

* The printer has issues reading the correct temperature so it may not currently be able to achieve the listed maximum.


Anyone who wants to use any of the our 3D printers must be trained. Training is held regularly and you can find the next class on our calendar. If for some reason there isn’t one scheduled and you’d like to be trained, drop us a line by email or through Facebook. Training covers safety, how to use the 3D printer software, and procedures when using the 3D printers. It does not cover how to create files suitable for use with the 3D printer. Look for other classes on our calendar to cover that.

Additionally, you may not start any prints that are estimated to finish after the end of business hours for the day.

Usage & Reservations

The space only has three printers, so we ask members not to occupy all three printers at once. If you do, you may be asked to abort a print when someone comes in looking to print something. More details on this policy to come.

An official 3D printer Google calendar is coming where you can place a reservation for a single 3D printer at a given date and time. If you arrive 15 minutes or later after the start of your reservation it is forfeited and anyone currently at the space can ignore it. If you walk in and use an unavailable, unreserved printer, you must add yourself to the reservation calendar so people know it is in use.

If you want to know which printers are currently in use, you can visit the Confluent status page to find out which ones are busy and if so, how much time is remaining on their print.


The space has some filament on hand in assorted colors which is included in the cost of day passes and business hours memberships. We cannot guarantee any particular color for your prints. We will charge you if you intentionally use a lot of our filament. However, you are welcome to bring your own filament to use instead. We currently recommend using HATCHBOX filament with our printers. You can find it on Amazon for about $20 to $35 a kilogram.

Due to a lack of ventilation in the electronics lab printing is currently limited to PLA or low off-gassing filaments. Until this is resolved we do not allow printing of ABS or other similar filaments.